Seetal mobile

Positioning Seetal as an attractive cycling destination

The public transportation network in Seetal is low-frequented and primarily oriented towards people living and working in the Seetal region. The flexibility of use and ease of access to local service providers and touristic offers are not given with the current public transportation system.

The aim of the “Seetal Mobil” project, initiated by gutundgut, is to encourage a combined mobility concept and to position Seetal as an attractive cycling destination for both locals and visitors. By providing e-bikes along with the most attractive locations on the Seetal train line, Seetal Mobil aims to facilitate flexible and convenient access to touristic attractions and other local services and to turn the e-bike journey itself into a fun free-time activity. Hence, the Seetal Mobil project does not only contribute a new leisure offer and increase the attractiveness of the destination Seetal for visitors and guests, but it also doubles as marketing means to promote already existing service offers.

The cross-cantonal NRP project will enter the pilot phase in 2021.