Dragon Valley

Tourism strategy, project management

How do you make an area that spans two cantons attractive for families?

Together with the associate, Dan Wiener gutungut developed a novel concept that focuses on a story about dragon families. An imaginatively illustrated children’s book picks up the POIs in the Seetal and turns them into locations for family reunions and dragon flying parties. Top performers such as the Castle of Heidegg or the Schongiland create the link between fantasy and reality with their new „dragon offers“. An adventure card facilitates the individual planning of the “research trip” through the Dragon Valley.

The Dragon Valley presents itself in a discreet and decentralized manner, which was realized with funds of the new regional policy within a year. gutundgut is the project leader. On behalf of Seetal Tourism, gutundgut designs, coordinates and communicates with service providers and regional associations. In April 2018, the Dragon Valley was officially opened.