Mind the Gap

Brainstorming, site-specific installation

“Mind the Gap“ is a temporary installation which will be realized in due course. The pop-up platform is being built in the anticipation of the redesign of the elevated railway viaduct. Many instances are already working on this future vision. The viable installation dynamically shows what is possible in the meantime.

The installation with its public platform and lookout tower aims to become the new meeting point of North Rotterdam. Residents from the neighborhood will celebrate their parties there, entrepreneurs will stop by for a drink on Friday evening and schools in the surrounding areas will organize temporary exhibitions.

The aesthetics of the installation pursue virtues of innovation and pragmatism, for which the city of Rotterdam is famous. The scaffold construction can be implemented quickly. The focus lies on excitement and on experiencing the city and public spaces in a new way. Standing on top of the roof of the viaduct is currently not permitted. Therefore, the installation won’t touch the rooftop and visitors are forced to “Mind the Gap“.