Tourist Office Lab

Project management

The Tourist Office Lab evolved from the Tourist Office 3.0, project which forms the basis for tourist offices in a digital future. The so-called Lab puts this concept into practice. It connects tourist offices through a systematic knowledge transfer by means of a specifically developed platform as well as regular meetings. Challenges of the digital future can be tackled together and the multiplication of best-practice-examples can be promoted across various destinations. The Tourist Office Lab launches joint pilot projects and connects regularly with service providers in the digital sector. In collaboration with Open Data and the University of Lucerne, the Lab organizes „Hacking Days“ with current problems faced by the destinations.

The Tourist Office Lab is a growing network of momentarily 15 involved destinations. Sooner or later the project aims to become the competence network for guest information and service in the Swiss tourism field. gutundgut is co-initiator and is in charge of the overall management as well as various pilot projects. Important partners include the Swiss Tourism Association, The Ergonomen, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, the University of Lucerne and the College of Grisons.