Photography exhibition Lucerne 2021

gutundgut organizes and curates the exhibition

The Foundation “Fotodokumentation Kanton Luzern”, Fotodok in short, organizes a photography exhibition every two years in the Kornschütte Lucerne. It thus offers a platform to professional photographers from Central Switzerland and in particular to young talents.

The “Fotowerkschau 2021” will be held with a new Photographer in Residence concept with the theme “Beyond Borders” and will focus on the change of perspective. Eight professional photographers from Central Switzerland will exhibit their work realized around the globe. The invited award-winning Colombian photographer Juanita Escobar shows us her perspective on what we consider home, Central Switzerland.

The exhibition aims to stimulate a dialogue about the native and the foreign, the ordinary and the extraordinary, and to promote a cross-border change of perspective. gutundgut curates and organizes the exhibition in close collaboration with the Foundation Board.

Images: Juanita Escobar