Mindfulness Trail Seetal

Realization of a mindfulness trail with e-bikes

The Mindfulness Trail Seetal is the first mindfulness trail in Switzerland featuring e-bikes. Visitors are invited to actively engage with mindfulness as a topic and to try stimulating health-promoting exercises in nature, along an appealing route at Lake Hallwil and around Lake Baldegg. This project combines leisure as well as health and is in line with current social trends. It will serves as a model for other similar projects in Switzerland.

This project is aimed at health-conscious locals, travelers who focus on meaning, and mindfulness-affine people from all over Switzerland. In addition, it addresses companies, associations, and noncorporate groups that are open to the topic.

On the Mindfulness Trail, we want to give visitors the opportunity, to  feel peace, satisfaction and to take time for themselves. This is why we turn to the topic of mindfulness, which as a current mega trend provides answers in a time of crisis and functions as an effective tool for combating stress and preventing depression.

The project is intended to provide the general public with access to the topic of mindfulness through professional guidance, to spread enthusiasm for the beautiful Seetal, and to promote sustainable leisure and recreation culture.