Gloria Coworking Lenzburg

Implementation of a recyclable office landscape

On the site of the former Wisa Gloria toy factory in Lenzburg, gutundgut has realized a coworking space according to the principles of the recycling economy. All the furniture in the approximately 400-square-meter office landscape, in the meeting rooms, workshop, and creative space, as well as all the windows making up the walls of the meeting rooms, had previously been used elsewhere. Each part of the furnishings has its own origin story. The green desks used to stand in the auditorium of the University of Zurich. All office chairs, of top ergonomic quality, were taken over free of charge from a bank call center. The 70 windows for the meeting rooms belonged to arcades of an apartment building in Wohlen, only 10 km away from the space. Instead of ending up in a landfill site for a fee, the windows are given a second life in the coworking space.

Sustainability at the Gloria Coworking Space goes one step further than simply recycling furniture. The dry toilet can be described as a pioneering act. It is the first waterless toilet in an office conversion in Switzerland. This type of toilet saves over 100,000 liters of clean drinking water per year.

In keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of the former commercial area, artisan entrepreneurs are integrated into the Space, such as a watchmaker.

The Gloria Coworking Space proves in an exemplary way that it is possible to build sustainably and cost-effectively without compromising on quality or aesthetics.