Culinary Region Lebensraum Lenzburg-Seetal

Project Management, Project Development

The municipal association Lebensraum Lenzburg Seetal (LLS) is a regional development organization that aims to strengthen the image of the Lenzburg-Seetal region as an attractive living and economic space.

As part of the overall strategy, the LLS positions itself as an “innovative culinary region”. They commissioned gutundgut to develop project suggestions that increase regional added value and strengthen the connection between individual stakeholders.

To encourage the population and different stakeholders from local production, agriculture, distribution and gastronomy to innovate, cooperate, communicate and co-create, two projects were developed.

The project titled Genuss Sommer (Culinary Summer) aims to strengthen the image of the Lenzburg-Seetal region as a region for gourmets and to improve cooperation between the businesses participating in the event. The Genuss Sommer with a series of small events at various locations will be launched for the first time in June 2021.

The second project aims to promote communication between providers in the Seetal region and to initiate an intersectoral knowledge exchange. By creating a database that features the most important information about the individual companies in the culinary sector, synergies can be created. At the same time, the database serves as an information platform for residents of the region who would like to shop more consciously and regionally.