Clean Alpine Region Kaunergrat

Sustainable tourism destination development

Kaunertal, located in the Tyrolean Oberland, is surrounded by several large, internationally renowned tourist destinations. Nevertheless, the alpine valley has managed to preserve its natural beauty. It is characterized by a nature park with an intact landscape, beautiful villages and an adequate tourism infrastructure including a glacier skiing area. The culture that is lived as well as the warm hospitality are community

The aim of the strategy process is to preserve the natural environment through real and lived sustainability and thus to achieve a strategic position of success. This helps to maintain the added value of tourism and thus the livelihood in the region, without overburdening natural resources or losing its own culture and identity.

For this purpose, the existing, initial and derived offer will be analyzed in detail. gutundgut then develops a vision as well as a catalog of measures for the further development of the valley without damaging the existing values. In a second step, the implementation of the defined measures is accompanied. This ensures the success of the process and allows ongoing further development.