Touristic Staging: Region Seetal as Dragon Valley

Tourism Strategy, Project Management

The „Dragon Valley“ project playfully initiates and links touristic offers in the Seetal (LU, AG) with each other in the long term. Offers of regional service providers will be combined dramaturgically with new ones. Locals, as well as visitors, will be able to explore the whole Seetal and are invited to linger somewhat longer there. Inspired by the close „Drachenstein“ Pilatus and the dragon „Fauchi“ of the castle of Lenzburg, the workshop participants have decided to call the Seetal a dragon valley.

An imaginatively illustrated book about dragons in the Seetal connects already existing offers with new ones. Especially families with children and school classes can explore the dragons in the castle, on the lake and many other places where they can undertake their own dragon research.

gutundgut is responsible for project management, concept, and communication. Depending on the acquired endowments and sponsorship money, partial projects such as theme trails, research labs, a listening station or research kits will be implemented. The „Dragon Valley“ will celebrate its opening on April 2018.